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Purpose of This Is Scouting Training

This Is Scouting is a supplemental training for all adult leaders. Through a series of presentations, the training presents an overview of the core elements of Scouting, including:

  • organization’s mission, aims, and methods
  • history
  • programs
  • Youth Protection
  • community involvement
  • training

It also provides leaders with a look at BSA resources and a clear understanding of Scouting’s expectations of its adult leadership.

National list This Is Scouting as a supplemental training, however we believe it is such a valuable course that you should take it as soon as possible!

Taking This Is Scouting Training -

You do not have to be a registered member or have a member ID to take This Is Scouting training.

To take This Is Scouting training go to and create an account.

From the portal, click on E-Learning select This Is Scouting training in any program sections under the "Supplemental Training" heading.

After you receive your membership card, log back into MyScouting, click on My Profile and update the system by inputting your member ID number. This will link your This Is Scouting training records, and any other training, in MyScouting to your BSA membership.

There are many other training courses that can be taken online at