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Five Levels of the BSA training Continuum (Your Next Step)

The five levels of the training continuum that make up the graded approach are joining, orientation, basic, supplemental, and advanced. Each level is designed for a specific purpose, with the first required of all registered leaders, the next two being more role-based training, and the last two being more focused on advanced skills and leadership.

Completion of basic training is the measurement for being "trained" in the BSA. Becoming "trained" will allow you wear a trained patch on your uniform!

Required for All
Role-Based Training
Advanced Skills & Leadership
Level 4: Supplement

Courses are designed to give additional information on targeted areas of the program through a combination of additional knowledge of Scouting in general, additional skills and roles knowledge, and/or beginning advanced leadership skills knowledge.

Level 5: Advance

Leaders desiring a deeper understanding of the program or seeking additional leadership development will find advanced training highly rewarding.