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Scouting began in England in 1907, based on the ideas of founder Sir Robert S. S. Baden-Powell and his book 'Scouting for Boys'. The book and program proved to have universal appeal for boys and quickly spread worldwide. The Scouting program spread around the world until it became what it is now - the largest voluntary youth movement in the world, with a membership of more than 25 million. A member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, the Boy Scouts of America was incorporated on February 8, 1910, by W.D. Boyce. Through the BSA's International program, American Scouts and international Scouts are provided with opportunities that increases and enhances their experience in the brotherhood of Scouting.

Local International Scouting Events

International Scouting Day  - October 17th, 2015 9-3pm YLTC, San Leandro 

The upcoming International Scouting Day will be held on Saturday October 17, 2015 at the Youth Leadership Training Center. This event will be held in conjunction with the 58th annual JOTA (Jamboree On The Air).
Participants will have the opportunity to take part in both outdoor and indoor internationally themed games and crafts as well as JOTA. Most of the games that will be played are from previous World Jamborees. Examples include a Concentration game from Serbia, a four man Tug-of-War from Portugal, a Welly Toss from the UK, Stilt Walking from Norway, and a Shepherd's Game from Slovenia. Displays will include an International Scouting Booth, a display of International memorabilia and patches, a chance to make a neckerchief and learn to tie the international friendship knot.
Attendees will also have the chance to participate in JOTA and talk on an amateur (ham) radio to other Scouts and Scouters around the United States and other countries. JOTA is the largest annual event of the World Scouting Movement with over 400,000 participants in close to 200 countries around the world.   Participants will receive an  International Day Patch.

World Friendship Fund       

The World Friendship Fund is an opportunity for you to help support fellow Scouts who are in need. Started at the end of World War II, this program has helped restart Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops in many countries throughout the world. This program has helped provide equipment, uniforms, insignia, program materials, camping gear and translations of BSA literature into several languages.

Today, we have seen the development of new nations and democratization of others. What an opportunity for you to be a part, by giving a little, so that the youth of these nations can gain all that scouting has to offer.

We are currently promoting "The Power of One"; one person, giving only one dollar. Just think what would happen if all registered scouts and scouters in our council would give one dollar to the World Friendship Fund. Be a part today by donating only ONE dollar. Each scout or scouter, giving one could make a huge difference in the lives of young people worldwide.

Please challenge your pack, crew, troop today - to ignite THE POWER OF ONE! For more information you may contact any member of the International Scouting Committee.   You could also collect your troops contributions, take them to the council and make your donation to the WORLD FRIENDSHIP FUND POWER OF ONE. We have a participation ribbon for all troops that collect one dollar per registered member. If your troop donates $30 or more, we also have a beautiful recognition ribbon for your troop flag that can show your support.   View the participation ribbons by clicking here.   Your unit can complete the World Friendship Fund online application by clicking here.

International Camp Staff - Home Hospitality

Scouting is a world-wide movement. The BSA solicits applications from Scouts 18-30 years of age from around the world to serve as International Camp Staff for its various council summer camps. SFBAC has been generally successful at securing one international Scout for each of its summer camps. The international staffer allows our Scouts to interact with an experienced Scout from another country and culture. Our Scouts discover how Scouting is different in other countries but is still built on the same basic values and skills that we use in the US. In the past few years, our Scouts have met Scouts from Taiwan, Egypt, South Africa, and the UK.

The staff usually arrives into the United States several days to a week prior to the start of camp, and host families are needed! Think about hosting an international scout in your home to learn more about various countries throughout the world, and gain a new friend!

The 2013 International Camp Staff Members were:
                                   Royaneh: Adriana Moya (Mexico)                          Wente: AbdAlla AbdElhamid (Egypt)

Worldwide International Scouting Events

Venturing Crew 27
The goal of Venture Crew 27 is to promote cross-cultural experiences for young people through international travel and projects and through support of international Scouting events. The crew is sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area Council International Committee, and is open to all male and female youth between the ages of 14 and 20.  We typically only hold meetings in order to plan for upcoming events.
Past trips have included a service project in Chiang Mai, Thailand building homes for Habitat for Humanity and a trip to the Kandersteg International Scout Chalet in Switzerland, followed by a rail tour of Switzerland.
For additional information regarding these once in a life time experiences, please contact the International Committee Chairman, Jed Richardson at  


BSA International Scouting Awards

Scouters may earn the International Scouter’s Award or the International Spirit Award while Scouts can earn the International Spirit Award or the World Conservation Award. Use the links below to access the award applications:

International Scouter's Award Application

International Spirit Award Application

Messengers of Peace Award

World Conservation Award Application

Youth and adults may wear this strip if they show their knowledge of a foreign language or sign language by:
- Carrying on a five-minute conversation in this language.
- Translating a two-minute speech or address.
- Writing a letter in the language (does not apply for sign language).
- Translating 200 words from the written word.

International Scouting Web Resources

Scout Store (International Scout Shop)
BSA, International Division

SFBAC International Scouting Committee Members

Jed Richardson, Chairman and SFBAC International Representative

Cindy Jeans

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