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The Rock at the YLTC

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The Rock at the YLTC
1001 Davis Street, San LeandroCLimbing

The Rock is a 32 ft natural looking rock with numerous routes to climb. The routes vary in difficulty so everyone in your Unit can have fun no matter what their climbing experience is.

 Unit Climbs:  - 

Click here for the climbing reservation form.

Units should come prepared with adults who are willing to learn and able to belay climbers.  Instruction on belaying will be provided prior to your climb.


Scouting Groups:
$12 per person with a minimum of 10 climbers.

Non Scouting Groups:
$16 per person with a minimum of 10 climbers.

A hold-harmless agreement and proof of insurance is required for all non-unit climbs. Contact JoAnn to arrange proof of insurance.

Form more information and to schedule a climb, contact Michelle Rodriguez at (510)577-9214 or

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Climbing Merit Badge:


The Climbing Merit Badge requrements are technical and challenging.  It is not possible to complete the badge in one day.  Merit badge counselors for climbing may be available in your area. 

Climbing Merit Badge Day:

Climbing Merit Badge Days are periodically offered at the YLTC sponsered by climbing merit badge counsolers and BSA climbing instructors. Read on below for more information about the next climbing merit badge day.


Next Date: TBD

Where: YLTC
Cost: $35 per scout
Scouts should arrive at 8:30 for check-in. The day ends at 5.

This full day activity provides the opportunity for a Scout to complete many requirements toward earning the Climbing Merit Badge. The cost for the day is $35 and includes instruction, climbing, and rappelling. Also, lunch will be provided. Each session is limited to 24 participants. 
Scouts must come with mastery of the climbing knots and knowledge of requirements 1 through 7.


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Click here to take Climb on Safely online e-Learning course.  You will need to register or use your BSA scouting ID and login to take this course.

Outdoor Climbing

BSA Climbing Instructor Course 

 Climbing Instructors

If any unit is planning to have a climbing outing in the next year, this is the perfect opportunity to make sure your leaders have the necessary training for a safe and fun activity.

Next Course: TBD

Dates/Location: Indoor Sessions at the YLTC
Outdoor Sessions at Outdoor Climbing Locations

Note: Participation in all sessions (2 evenings and 2 day sessions) is required for completion of the course.


Certification is good for two years, expiring on December 31st of the second year.

Click here for the 2011 COPE and Climbing Standards