Voice of the Scout

Check out the National Council's Voice of the Scout information on scouting.org here: Voice of the Scout information

Voice of the Scout YouTube Video 


The Program:

• A comprehensive, on-going national feedback program with online surveys based on Net Promoter Score* - a proven methodology in for-profit companies.

• Provides insight for change at the national, council, district and unit levels to improve membership retention, referrals, and growth.  This insight will allow us to assess how well we are delivering the Scouting experience.

• The 18th Journey to Excellence criteria – with optional participation in Voice of the Scout

for 2012. 

• Survey results are collected nationally but delivered on a new VOS dashboard available 

to all staff and volunteers who currently have access to the JTE dashboard.

The Audience: 

• Surveys will be offered in both English and Spanish and will be sent to Scouts, parents, volunteers and chartered organizations.

• Surveys will not be sent more than once every six months to any individual.  

• Youth members under age 14 are surveyed through their parents to meet federal COPPA law requirements

• Results from those surveyed are anonymous 

The Survey Cycles (2012)

• To align with programs and maximize response rate success there are two survey periods for VOS. In 2012 the spring cycle is March – May 2012, and the fall cycle is AugustNovember.  
• Beginning in March, 216 councils will participate in VOS.  
• Surveys are short - one “recommend” questions and seven driver questions
• To ensure surveys are received, councils need to make email fields required on registration by directly asking at every registration, event sign-up, school night sheet and 
anywhere else that you would normally ask for a name & number.  
  • Due to the sheer volume of surveys in this program, we must deliver via email to effectively and efficiently collect opinions.  To make the most of this program we will begin asking for email updates regularly, so please make sure we have your most recent email by sending an email to JoAnn Sebastian at jsebasti@bsamail.org. Please write “email address change” or “email address” (for those who are not in our system) in the subject line and be sure to include your name, unit, and unit number, or if you are a district registration, which district. 

The Approach

 • Be willing to listen, learn and act.  Staff, council, district and unit leadership must be willing to consider making valid and appropriate change that address customer expectations.

 • The Net Promoter Score (a percentage, see below) offers the metric for measuring the Voice of the Scout within JTE. 
 • NPS responses are placed into groups for operational action:  Detractors, Passives and Promoters.  
 • The NPS question is delivered with seven driver questions that help dig deeper around the delivery of the Scouting experience in the various strategic areas of JTE.  
 • The first year of VOS is optional due to the importance of responding to member concerns.  Reports and alerts are built into the system in order to escalate feedback that needs action.