WSR trail markerThe "Gift In Kind" campaign is a way to support our camps and programs by soliciting donations of items that the San Francisco Bay Area Council uses to provide program and support to our youth and adult scouters.

Pretty much anything you can think of at camp that we buy could have been made as a Gift In Kind contribution.  Such items may include but are not limmited to program supplies, food and construction materials.

Please call or e-mail us if you are interested in being a worker, donor or manager in support of our GIK 2011 campaign.

Construction Materials: Wish list
Tim Buchen 510-577-9207

Food and Janitorial Supplies: Wish list
Jason Lewis 510-577-9208

Program Supplies: Wish list
Sean Martin 510-577-9214

All "Wish list" items are for example only and subject to change.  Please contact us before soliciting donations or making a purchase.