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    1. Frequently a seasoned Scouter who went through Scouting with one or more of their sons, with 10+ years experience as a Scout or as the parent of a Scout.
    2. Could be anyone who has worked at the unit level for a period of time who whould like to become involved in some District or Council activities, events, or trainings.
    3. Willing to act as a resource for less knowledgeable or less experienced Scouters and unit leaders.
    4. Is interested in helping unit leaders deliver a quality program to Scouting units.
    5. Usually works with sepcific units so unit leaders will know whom to contact if they have any questions or need a resource to tap for whatever reason.
    6. May be interested in joining a District Committee or helping plan, organize, or participate in a single District wide activity, event, or outing.

    Give this to someone who fits this description. Could it be you??

    Contact Gary Ely at garyely@comcast.net or 510-693-7279 if you have any questions.