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    District Committee
    Chairman Rocky Fernandez rocky.fernandez@gmail.com
    Vice Chairman Steve Rodriggs rodriggs@comcast.net
    Commissioner Mark Loy markloy269@gmail.com
    District Executive Justin Brown jubrown@bsamail.org
    Activities Vacant  
    Advancement & Recognition Bruce Schlobohm bruce@troop176.us
    Camping & Outdoor Ray Cooper ray.cooper@stanford.edu
    Membership David Libby comchanel@live.com
    Training Vacant  
    Order of the Arrow Advisor Tom Kacinski OhloneAdviser@AchewonNimat.org
    Activities and Functions
    Popcorn Sales Glorianne Wong gloriannew@earthlink.net
    Scouting for Food Lesli Mays momamays@ymail.com
    Youth Protection Merl Nygren nygreme@att.net
    Cub Scout Roundtable Gretchen Mora gretchenmora@yahoo.com
    Boy Scout Roundtable Larry Seymour cathyandlarry.seymour@comcast.net
    Venturing Roundtable Skip Phair jfphair@yahoo.com
    Scout House Schedule Bill Fournell Bill4nell@sbcglobal.net
    Scout House Maintenance Bill Fournell Bill4nell@sbcglobal.net
    Merit Badge Counselor List Bruce Schlobohm bruce@troop176.us
    Merit Badge Counselor Applications Bruce Schlobohm
    Joe Barton
    Email Contact List Bruce Schlobohm bruce@troop176.us
    Cub and Boy Scout Roundtable Newsletter Ron Fong rlfong@aol.com
    District Awards Bruce Schlobohm bruce@troop176.us
    District Web Site Editor Dianna Harter di@harters.us
    Family FOS Don Uriu duriu@flash.net
    Unit Commissioners