Cub Scout Camping

Mom and Son

Located in the beautiful coastal redwoods at Camp Royaneh. The staff will guide you through a weekend of fun and excitement. A great escapade for Cub Scouts (first grade through fifth grade), and their moms (or another adult female partner like grandmothers, aunts, etc.). 

Tiger Cub Safari

Deep in the wilds of Wente Scout Reservation live fearsome creatures that no man can tame. They wander the forest screaming and yelling in sheer delight. These fearsome creatures are TIGER CUBS! Tigers shoot bows and arrows. Tigers run obstacle courses most people would never dare try. Tigers have FUN! TIGERS RULE! If you want to do all this join us for this weekend of adventure.

Day Camps 

Get out your maps and join us on an adventure full of fun, excitement, and advancement. You will arrive each morning for a day full of thrilling activities and each afternoon you’ll return to your home and tell stories to all those who did not join you on your quest.

Wolf and Bear Weekend Journey

Brave adventurers are needed to keep the land of Rancho Los Mochos safe. Are you one? Come and work on your skills with the bow and arrow, the BB gun, and much more so you can be ready to do your best.

Cub Scout Adventure Resident Camp

The people of the Thunderbird need help to find their treausre. So pull on your hat for adventure around every turn as you search for the treasure. What is the treasure you seek? Is it gold, an old relic, or a statue with rubies or eyes? No, its even better...its fun and excitement. The people of the Thunderbird await you so join them at Camp Royaneh and find the treasure of fun in the sun.

Camping Connection

There may be many of you out there that be brand new to Cub Scouts. This is the campout for you. Bring along your parents and your brothers and sisters for a adventurous weekend introduction to Cub Scout Camping. 

Field Sports Days

Webelos are invited to come to nearby Rancho Los Mochos for a day on the BB gun and archery ranges.

Family Vacation Camp

Family Vacation Camp is a great chance for the whole family to enjoy time together in the outdoors. Shooting at the ranges, swimming, and horseback riding are just some of the exciting activities that await your family. You can choose to cook your own food or we can do the cooking for you in our camp dining hall. So bring your family along and join us for a thrilling weekend at camp.