Klondike Derby

High in the Sierra Mountains a cold wind blows across the snow. The still of the morning is broken by the sounds of Scouts getting ready for a day full of fun and adventure. The Acheown Nimat Lodge invites all Troops, Crews, and Ships in the Bay Area to the coolest event in the San Francisco Bay Area Council, the Klondike Derby. Lodge members will host challenging events that will test your skills. The ever popular sled race will be one of the days highlights. Even if you don't participate in any of the events, please join us for a whole lot of fun in the snow.

Get your gear together and hone those cold weather skills and get up to the 2013 Klondike Derby! 

Rules and Requirements
Who's Eligible: 

For all Boy Scouts and Ventures



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SFBAC Refund Policy applies.

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